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In Rendering, two artists decide to create in-between experiences through the combination of video and performance that is incorporated with the space. In order to achieve this, no object is added to original architectural space, but video projections. The empty space is transformed into a perceptually different one with elaborately mapped videos incorporated with performance of dancers.

Rendering. 3D rendering image for space installation, 2013

Rendering. 3D rendering image for space installation, 2013

Rendering. installation process, 2013 SLIDE SHOW

Dancers make their movements inside of a big wooden frame covered with the elastic white fabric. This part of project is closely related to Kang’s previous “Between” series. While the artist used to make use of her own body in “Between” series, in “Rendering”, the bodies of dancers create colorful movements in accordance with the choreographer Shin's direction. Their bodies imprint sometimes powerful and sometimes subtle movements on the fabric.

Rendering. shooting process


video of capturing dancers inside of a wooden frame covered with elastic white fabric

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