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Rendering: Media Performance

"Rendering" is a collaborative project by artist Yiyun Kang and choreographer Chang Ho Shin.
"렌더링"은 강이연 작가와 신창호 안무가의 협업 프로젝트 입니다.



In " Media Performance Project 2013, the artists and the choreographers invested their time and efforts to understand and explore each other’s field in order to find ways to offer inspiring experiences to the audiences in a collaborative manner. The curator of this project, Eun Joo Lee at the Art Space Jungmiso named it Performix ; the new term to describe the combination of performance and exhibition. 
This performix has three segments and the “Rendering” is the first one which is the collaboration between Yiyun Kang as an artist, and Chang Ho Shin as a choreographer. When the performance enters into the image created by the media artist, it is neither art nor dance. The two genres are merged into a complete whole and they produce a coherent performance-exhibition maintaining their own colors. The 3D mapping images produced by Kang cover the entire gallery space therefore embrace the dancers, and Shin articulates his dance language in accordance with the images by Kang. 

Artist _ Yiyun Kang | 강이연 
Choreographer _ Chang Ho Shin | 신창호 
Curator _ Eun Joo Lee | 이은주 @ Art Space Jungmiso 
Dancer _ 강혁. 신영준. 윤나라. 이정민. 임샛별. 정혜민 @ LDP (Laboratory Dance Poject) 
Sound _ 이정민 @ LDP (Laboratory Dance Poject) 

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