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Wounds, projection mapping installtion, dimension variable, sound 
2nd solo exhibition, Art Space MITE, Gwangju, Korea, 2010




"Woudns" is a video installation that was exhibited in Kang's second solo exhibition in Gwangju, Korea. The audiences face many frames hung on the walls that is similar to a room of portraits. However what they are containing are not portraits but the traces of human faces. 

In this installation, the unidentified peoples whisper and painfully perform and the fabric keeps us from seeing who the real person is. This anonymity makes it easier for them to tell their own stories and secrets. In this video installation, Kang tries to deliver the irony of wounds that exists deep inside of us. Everyone wants to share his/her stories and to be comforted by sharing them with others. However, paradoxically, it is not easy because the stories are sometimes too private and sometimes too severe to be exposed. 


The location of this exhibition, Gwanju, where keeps the most historically painful story in the Korea's modern age, also reflects Kang's intention. Kang wished to create something that can echo with the project's site. 

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