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Unveild 03 projection mapping installation, dimension variable, 2014 

Unveiled 03 is a video installation. This installation is specifically designed for the venue; the corridor space of the Taipei MOCA (Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art).

This building has its long history goes further back than 1920.I Built in the period of Japanese rule in 1920s as an Elementary School, it hosted the Taipei city government after the WWII. Since then, it became an important landmark. After the city government had moved to the new location, it re-opened in May 2001 as MOCA Taipei as the first museum in Taiwan to be dedicated exclusively to contemporary art.
The venue’s history and its Victorian style architecture make strange harmony with the contemporary artworks. The building itself has a unique atmosphere composed of multiple layers of history, aesthetic, and discourses. Kang found it very attractive and decided to use the corridor space for the installation. This simple yet perceptually ambiguous installation generates a feeling as if the audience encounters a passage led to the another dimension.

Unveild 03 plan for installation, 3D model image, 2014

Unveild 03 

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