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Unveiled 02 + Can't Reach You


This project was exhibited in the show, "Impetus" at the Nanji Gallery at Nanji Residency of Seoul Museum of Art, Korea.
In "Unveiled 02", Kang treated the lines as more significant elements. The physically taped lines and the virtually drawn lines by video are mixed in the installation. Though this, Kang again examines the border between the real and the virtual and the materiality of artificial light. 
Consisting of two different video installations; "Can't Reach You" and "Unveiled 02", the cylinder-shaped gallery was turned into a synaesthetic space. Viewers are welcome to walk around, in and out of the installations and take their time to physically, and sensately engage themselves with this multi-dimensional piece.

Unveild 02 , projection mapping installation, 2012
"Impetus" exhibition, Nanji Studio,

Seoul Museum of Art, Korea (SeMA)

Unveild 02 ,

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