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scene_01 | 02 | 03, digital rendering image prints, interactive ​ light box installation,

BETWEEN, solo exhibition, Gallery KONG, 2009

"Scene 01 | 02 | 03are 3D rendering digital prints that were exhibited in Yiyun Kang's first solo exhibition in Seoul, Korea. This exhibition was fully supported by Seoul Museum of Art's "Seoul Emerging Artists program 2009".

The prints are put inside the interactive light boxes that dim up and down with the viewers' movements. 

Three images within the light boxes are fake scenes built with 3D Maya program, thus none of them literally exists in a real world even if it looks convincing. There is no human inside of the frame.
"However each scene contains some sort of curious settings that provoke the viewer's voyeuristic desire to see beyond the frame. People approach the light box trying to see the image not knowing those are computer-generated, but they actually cannot minutely see them because the lights dim down as they come close to them.  

These interactive digital prints explore the border between the real and the virtual and people's unconscious consumption of computer-generated images.

The story of lovers' betrayal, confession, and forgiveness contained in the poem gives richness to the each movement of the music. It poised on an emotional edge between despair and faith, between bittersweet and gorgeous. Even though it is a sextet piece, its dynamic composition makes a deep impression. The music is rich and complex, full of nuance and subtle articulation, a variety of sonic effects, frequent key and time signature changes, the score dense with intricate musical directions. I also attempt
The work comprises five sections which correspond to the structure of the poem on which it is based, with themes in each section being direct musical metaphors for the narrative and discourse found in the poem. As such, the video for projection mapping is also inspired by the emotional flows of the poem. tocreatevideo that can touch the audiences’ emotions with the flows of the score. 

Scene_01 | 02 | 03, light box installation, view

Transfiguring Night, excerpt from the movement 3, 2015

video captured by Jade YAng

Movement 1

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