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Scene 03, 3D animation, single channel, 2010

3D- rendered animation, 3' 10", black and white, no sound 
LED pannel with wooden frame, 95 * 55 (cm)

Scene 03 is a 3D animation. A stainless kettle is lying on the marble table. The viewers can see two people in a messy room through the reflection on the kettle. Even if the audience waits to see the end of the story expecting to grasp what is happening, they are discouraged since the camera does not show any specific situation till the end. This 3D animation triggers a question on the mixed reality environment in this digital image-dominated culture.

The story of lovers' betrayal, confession, and forgiveness contained in the poem gives richness to the each movement of the music. It poised on an emotional edge between despair and faith, between bittersweet and gorgeous. Even though it is a sextet piece, its dynamic composition makes a deep impression. The music is rich and complex, full of nuance and subtle articulation, a variety of sonic effects, frequent key and time signature changes, the score dense with intricate musical directions. I also attempt
The work comprises five sections which correspond to the structure of the poem on which it is based, with themes in each section being direct musical metaphors for the narrative and discourse found in the poem. As such, the video for projection mapping is also inspired by the emotional flows of the poem. tocreatevideo that can touch the audiences’ emotions with the flows of the score. 

Scene_03 | 05, flat monitor installation, view

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