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MongYuDoWonDo | 몽유도원도 [ 夢遊桃源圖 ] 
video installation, 6 * 3 * 2 m (width/height/depth), 7min, 2014

<夢遊桃源圖(Mongyudowondo)- Imagination City> suggests an imaginative architectural plan for a future ubran life. This is an architecture and also a living creature that is constantly changing and breathing with its surrondings. USD cooperation attempts to express this imaginative topology through the model. 
This three-dimensional model that has fluid shape and multiple layers of depth is a canvas for the video projection. I attempt to deliver digital version of Oriental landscape painting with this model.

MongYuDoWonDo | 몽유도원도 [ 夢遊桃源圖 ]  installation view, video installation, 2014

The landscape in this context, is not limited to the subject matter. The oriental landscape painting is ideological, philosophical and even abstract in some senses. In 5th century China, Xie He, a writer, an art historian and a critic established the Six Principles of Chinese Painting(畵論六法). 
The six elements that define a painting are : "Spirit Resonance", "Bone Method", "Correspondence to the Object", "Suitability to Type", "Division and Planning" and "Transmission by Copying". These aesthetic and formative principles focus on the inner vitality and energy rather than the surface expression skills. Thus it is distinguished from the Western-painting aesthetics.

The fundamental concept of “畵論六法” shares the equivalent values with this project, <夢遊桃源圖(Mongyudowondo)- Imagination City>. It means that my project also shares the same context. 
The fundamental concept of my work is the reinterpretation of the oriental landscape painting with digital medium. I'm interested in a way that how this new technology can redefine and reconfigure the traditional concept in a contemporary context. At the same time, it also seeks to generate intriguing harmonization with the 3-dimensional model. 
The moving images from the projector will wrap the whole model inside and outsie, and those artificial layer of light will add visual hybridity onto the model. It will give audiences ambiguous feelings and immersive experiences. 
With this projection mapping that is sophisticatedly integrated with the 3-dimensional model, the digital landscape can be completed.

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