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projection mapping installation, 5;06",

documentation camera Jangho Kim, edited by Yiyun Kang



projection mapping installation, 5;06",

documentation camera Jangho Kim, edited by Yiyun Kang


Yiyun Kang

Artist statement on GATES




GATES is an immersive installation work, exhibited in the 100th anniversary of the Chosun Ilbo's Hangul special exhibition. This exhibition investigates Hangul (Korean alphabet), a writing system for the Korean language created by King Sejong the Great in 1443. As part of this special exhibition, the largest exhibition on Hangul ever, my work attempted to capture the global expansion of Hangul today. 


GATES start from a seed-like dot gradually grows into lines and plane and expands in three-dimensional ways. Starting from visualising the Korean Braille, the first part of GATES focused on the structural quality of this language by depicting the system of Hangul, which is constructed in the phase of Point → Line → Plane.
The translucent screen does not assume front or back, inside or outside, left or right. It simultaneously absorbs and penetrates the projected images, therefore the image extends beyond the permeable membrane. It turns the entire space into an active platform in which the viewers are invited to engage by enveloping not only space but also viewers. The sculptural shape of the screen could be seen as concave and convex, ㄱ or ㄴ, depending on where you're looking at. This installation is therefore completed only when the audiences actively identify their position and find their relation to the work.


One of the symbols I've embedded in this work is BTS and ARMY that collectively contributed to the increasing use of Hangul on a global scale. A number of researches and statistics identify how Hangul extensively spreads through the ARMY. It is impressive to see the international ARMY eagerly singing along to BTS' Korean lyrics. Hangul is naturally grown on those people because they want to understand, communicate, and exchange their stories. A new door was opened.

I found the connections here; the current spread of Hangul is similar to the history of this language when it was first distributed in the 15th century. It has been developed mainly by commoners and women who just wanted to share their thoughts and feelings. Reflecting on this, I have planted various symbols in GATES, such as the logo of BTS and ARMY, ARMY BOMB and fanchant sound. 


Just as Hangul exists to be read, I wanted to make something that can be read and interpreted. To me, language is eventually a door, a gate that connects people. I hope my work would generate a moment that people can envision Hangul as creative gates. 




The Moment of ㄱ- ㄱ의 순간

조선일보 창간 100주년 한글특별전

2020.11.12. (목) ~ 2021.02.28. (일)


주최  예술의전당, 조선일보 공동주최
장소  예술의전당 서울서예박물관 전관, 한가람미술관 제7전시실

후원  문화체육 관광부

협찬  현대자동차