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Ephemeral is outdoor projection mapping project in MOCA Taipei (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Taiwan. 


The venue is the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei. This building is located in Datong District, where was previously the site of Dadaocheng, one of the first settlements in what is now Taipei and used to be the Taipei’s center of trade in 19th century. Now the area became a small district in the central Taipei, consisting of two of the oldest areas in the city. Therefore this district has a lot of charm, a mixture of building from 18th, 19th, and 20th century, old temples from Qing Dynasty and colonial Japanese architecture, and old markets.

Ephemeral, outdoor projection mapping, dimension variable, 4' 11", 2014


The museum building was built during the period of Japanese rule in 1921 as Jan Cheng Elementary School, which now occupies a new structure on the back of the historical building. After WWII, it hosted the Taipei city government and became an important landmark, thanks to its highly recognizable symmetrical building and belltower in historicist style. Previously the Taipei Government City Hall, this building is now designated as an historic site, and has been refurbished for the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Taipei), opened in May 2010 as the first museum in Taiwan to be dedicated exclusively to contemporary art.  


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The architecture keeps lots of ephemeral stories within it. It must have seen, heard, and felt tons of series of events yet still remains silently for centuries. I appreciate its history, and am attracted to the character. Therefore I want to turn this museum into a living creature through my video projection without disturbing its original beauty. I try to add mysterious atmosphere making the most of its original elements such as window, brick walls, and frames. Number of outdoor projection mapping disregard the character of the venue and pay more account to fancy illusions. On the contrary, I wish my video would be minimal, gentle yet powerful.

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