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DEEP SURFACE, documentation (excerpt), 9'00" 
(full installation 23'00"), fulldome projection, 2017

"Kang sculpts space through projected moving images, altering the static nature of architectural structures by turning the dome into a spatiotemporal environment in which the audience is invited to immerse itself. Consequently, Kang’s work generates a “deep surface” that visually folds and unfolds and augments the real through virtuality.  A type of cutting-edge
"For her work Deep Surface—an oxymoron that undoes another key dichotomy—Kang employs the same technological means to project images onto the internal surface of a dome [...]  Due to the immateriality of the projected beam of light, the architectural surface and the illusion of depth co-habit rather than collide. The domed ceiling is transmogrified into a different kind of space without being physically or permanently modified. trompe-l’oeil, Deep Surface’s conflation of dome and moving digital images erodes the boundaries between illusion and reality. In addition, the mode of spectatorship required by this work annuls the disparity between individual voyeuristic experiences and public modes of observation."


quote from Into the Deep Surface, Daehyung Lee
for full text HERE  




Slide show, Photo © Yiyun Kang

Slide show, Photo © Yiyun Kang