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Transfiguring Night

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Transfiguring Night is a collaborative project with a visual artist, Yiyun Kang and a London-based chamber orchestra, Project Instrumental

“What happens when you bring together some of the most incandescent art and music (n)ever heard before, some of the most effervescent creative minds and skilled performing hands in the world, and an Attic? It can only be a Transfiguring Night. And it’s on April 2. Project Instrumental and artist Yiyun Kang find light in dark places through music, projection mapping and space. Nightmare and beauty, forest and moonlight, secrets and elevation fill Hackney Attic in an existential shimmer of psyche and phenomena." – project instrumental 

"Hackney is fast becoming the place for alternative classical events. Now the Picturehouse cinema has been co-opted for Project Instrumental’s evening of music for strings, featuring Erich Korngold’s Sextet in D; Arnold Schoenberg’s ‘Verklärte Nacht’ and the world premiere of Stephen Montague’s ‘Night Tracks’. All with projections from Yiyun Kang." – Time out London : Critics' Choice 

For more information on Transfiguring Night : 
visit Project Instrumental's official website >> 

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