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I turned off power to the lighting structure and projected moving images onto it. The result was intended to be simultaneously convincing and confusing. During the exhibition, the electricity supply to the lights was off, but in the early part of the animation, this was difficult to discern because the projection created various patterns of movement, as if the lights were being turned on and off automatically. However, these patterns became dynamic until viewers should have realized that they were seeing a projected animation elaborately mapped onto the lighting structure.

Additionally, I projected images onto the stainless-steel lampshades, creating an irregular reflection that covered the entire room, appearing intermittently and in various segments that followed the projection. As addressed, I intended to change the dynamic of the white cube room and generate narrative from it using only the light fixture on the ceiling. To achieve this, I fully employed the reflective materiality of the lighting lampshades. As a result, the projection spreads its influence over the entire room through fluid lines of reflected light

Artificial Vessel 人工血管 , video installation, dimension variable, 2014

The reflectivity of the metallic lampshades enabled me to cover the entire space, even though I had mapped only a small part of it. The liquefied lines gave an impression of blood vessels. Even though the entire process of execution was meticulously arranged using artificial hardware and software devices, it was interesting to see that the outcome unexpectedly contained such organic reflections. The title, Artificial Vessel 03, thus reflected my creative intention to transform the empty white cube room, a neutral and inert space, into a virtual creature.

Artificial Vessel 人工血管 

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