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Circulation _ 3D simulation model for a bank cabinet, 2014

On the first meeting with the curatorial team that took place in the gallery space, the first thing that captured Kang's eyes was the odd room within the gallery space. The gallery was used to be a bank, and one of the cabinet rooms somehow remains in the exhibition space. The exhibition room and the bank cabinet strangely yet interestingly co-exist, therefore Kang decided to employ the three-dimensional cabinet room as her canvas for projection. 

photos of the real space

Slide show

The Bank cabinet has very unique structural characters that are composed of wooden frames, window glasses, metal ceiling, stone walls and shades. Kang attempted to make full use of all of those features, starting from making a virtual model using Maya software to explore how she can incorporates this structure with projection. Through this virtual experimental process, Kang examined diverse possibilites to plan for the real installation. 

23_circulation_process 02.gif
23_circulation_process 04.gif
23_circulation_process 03.gif
23_circulation_process 06.png
23_circulation_process 07.png

Circulation 3D model rendering images, 2014

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