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Between 01  projection installation documentaion,  2009

Between 01  projection installation documentaion,  2009

Between 02



"Between_02" is a projection installation work that was exhibited in Yiyun Kang's first solo exhibition in Seoul, Korea. This exhibition was supported by Seoul Museum of Art's "Seoul Emerging Artists program 2009". 

This immersive video installation reflects Kang's continuous interest that explores the perceptual border between the real and the virtual. It seems like someone is pushing the white fabric behind the panels, however they are just layers of lights coming from the projectors. Through these multiple projections, Kang tries to provoke the viewers' sensorial disorientation that happens in-between the tangible and the intangible.
Between series has a potential that could be expressed in a limitless variations in terms of its formation and composition. 
Yiyun keeps on exploring these possibilities in this series.

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