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Between 01  projection installation documentaion,  2009

Between 01  projection installation documentaion,  2009

Between 01



"Between" is Yiyun Kang's MFA thesis project that was shown in the New Wight Gallery in Broad Art Center, Los Angeles, Caliœfornia in May, 2009. 

This is another variation of Between series where Kang created an multi-channel projection installation. 
When the audience enters the room, they can see the bodily gestures in the white, simple canvases. At first, they might thinkg that these are real performance in real-time behind the white facbirc, however, they soon realised that theses are video that precisely mapped onto the canvases.  In this way, this video installation situates itself somewhere in between the real and virtual, surface and depth, tangible and intangible. Thus this project suspends both artwork and spectator in a zone somewhere between the literal and the virtual.

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