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Artificial Vessel_인공혈관 02



In Artificial Vessel 02, Kang also employed the existing elements of the museum space; vent pipes, drain tubes and light structures. These are supportive elements of the space which normally should not be noticeable. Viewers who enter into this room may get confused at first glance with the literally empty space. They can soon discover that the ceiling structure is at which the art piece is located.
Kang thinks that digital media is similar to this structure. It exists everywhere but in an insensible way. People live with it without fully recognizing how it dominates, control, and support us. Kang intended to make people think about digital media by using the structures on the institutional space as her canvas for digital projection. 

Artificial Vessel 人工血管  02, video installation, dimension variable, 2013

Artificial Vessel 人工血管  02

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