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Artificial Vessel_인공혈관



Artificial Vessel_인공혈관” is a site-specific projection mapping work. Kang did not bring any object to space, but employed the empty room of the museum and use the lighting structures from the ceiling as her canvas. 
The projected animation onto the lighting fixture including the stainless steel lampshades generates the irregular reflection all over the room, transforming the space into a perceptually different one.
As a result, the empty white cube feels like it has its own life that has artificial vessels. Walking in this space may confuse people in the first place, but placing themselves in this perceptually disorienting space will lead them to think about the border between reality and virtuality, materiality and immateriality, object and non-object.

Kang also attempted this piece to be the institutional critique. 

Artificial Vessel 人工血管 , video installation, dimension variable, 2014

Artificial Vessel 人工血管 

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