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Between04 is Yiyun's immersive video installation that was exhibited in the show, "SEMA 2010 _Chasm in Image".


"SEMA 2010 _Chasm in Image" 
Seoul of Museum of Art, Seosomun main building
2010-12-31 ~ 2011-02-13

SeMA 2010: Chasm in Images has been mounted to look back on the achievements made by young artists over the last 10 years and explore new orientations. Participating artists have been chosen from among the artists the Seoul Museum of Art has so far supported and who have taken note of the problem with images, that is, visibility. The exhibition aims to showcase the dynamism and diversity of contemporary art. 

Part 1. The Strange Mirror: Chasm between Images and eye
Participating Artists: Kim Min-Jeong, Noh Hae-Yul, Lee Joong-Keun, Cho Byung-wang, Jung Sang-Hyun, Kang Young-Min, Kim KI-Hoon, Lee Young-Min, Kang Yiyun , Kim Yong-kwan

Part 2. Treachery of Images: Chasm between Images and reality
Participating Artists: Oh Yong-Seok, Kwon Sun-Kwan, Keum Hye-Won, Keum Hye-Won, Na Hyun, Lee Hak-Seung, Lee Chang-Hoon, Rhee Jaye, Ha Tae-Bum, Song Sang-Hee

Between04, projection mapping installation, 2010
"Chasm in Images" exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

Between04, Slide show

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